5 Treatments to Help Manage SMA

5. Spinal Treatments


Children with SMA are at risk of curvature of the spine or scoliosis. To prevent this, a brace may be fitted or the child may have to undergo surgery, including having spinal rods inserted if they are still growing, or a spinal fusion using bone grafts if they are older.

Read more about spinal muscular atrophy and scoliosis here. 

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  1. Elizabeth Brimi says:

    My daughter Catherine Ann has the 2 SMA and according to doctors at a early age predicted she wouldn’t live past 5 and now 35 yrs old and living with me! My questions are related to extend pain and we are needing help to motivate her to do more activities but always says no! She is extremely heavy for me to even lift! She is very intelligent and worries about the babies born with SMA! Wants to advocate for families. Please help in anyway!

    • Dianne Roncal, DMD says:

      Hi Elizabeth, we are very sorry to hear that but still so glad that your daughter is continuously fighting this disease. It would be a big help to find a support group in your area. Also, you might want to check out very inspiring articles written by our columnists who are fighting this disease: https://smanewstoday.com/category/columns/

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