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      DeAnn R

        Sports aren’t really my thing. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a good football game and I usually tune into the Olympics. However that’s pretty much the extent of it. My alma mater’s wheelchair basketball team had quite a following, but it didn’t interest me. A commercial for a ski hill came on over the weekend. Now that’s something I would do if I wasn’t disabled. I know adaptive skiing exists. You can even go down the hill with a buddy. The whole process though doesn’t seem enjoyable. Not to mention I get cold easily. Have you guys done adaptive sports? Are they a hassle, or worth the effort? Of course not much is probably going on at the moment, but ordinarily are adaptive sports readily available? I’d love to get your input. If not for me maybe for other sport minded folks.

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        Alyssa Silva

          I’m not too well versed with adaptive sports as an adult, but I did play adaptive soccer as a kid. I hated it! Haha but only because I learned I am the LEAST competitive person and that’s definitely NOT the quality you want in an athlete. I used to play goalie and would let the team score because I felt bad blocking them. I think I’ll stick to watching games instead ahah.

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          Mark Pratt

            Have you looked at power soccer?  It is the only sport specifically for persons in power wheelchairs, though you don’t need to be a power chair user to play.  It is a truly competitive sport played locally, nationally, and internationally.  Better yet, it is a great way to meet people with a variety of abilities and their families.  You get to see what other people are doing, how they’ve adapted, learn and make new friends.  Check out our website   We can put on an introductory clinic in your area if enough people are interested.  Or you can contact me, I’m Deputy VP of the organization.  [email protected]

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            Robert Stump

              With enough ingenuity, many other sports can be adapted.  I’ve always had dreams about making a device to allow me to play billiards.  I have no doubt someone could easily design a variably powered shooting stick attached to a wheelchair (preferably one that can elevate).  Likewise, I remember playing a version of HORSE with my brother and dad.  Of course I wasn’t able to throw the basketball, but I was able to roll it from the same spot and try to hit the tiny post holding the rim.

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              Patrick Lenihan

                I love sports. I never played organized adaptive sports. I did go to see para hockey aka sledge hockey at the 2010 Winter Para Olympics and it was awesome. When I was still using crutches and long leg braces I did cross country ski once by using my crutches as ski poles. It was fun. I also used to skate board by sitting on the board and propelling myself with my hands. I love kite flying and made adaptations to my reels so that I can still control the line.  We don’t have many formal organized adaptive sports options in town but prior to covid there were many option just over the border in BC. I’d love to try adaptive curling when the border reopens but finding the time to do so might be difficult.

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                Robert Stump

                  Bowling is pretty easy to adapt, using just one of those stationary rails or getting one that can attach to your wheelchair.  The off-the-shelf design of the Ikan Bowler comes to mind, or you can do what I did and hire a local welder to create your own.  I have been bowling competitively in a standard weekly league for over 20 years, and my highest average was close to 169 for the year.  My highest game to date is 254!

                  I tried out power soccer once but I don’t have the dexterity in my driving hand any longer to be any benefit to any team anywhere.  I wish I would have been able to partake in that sport during my teenage and twenties portion of my life, I would have ruled!

                  I know there is adaptive curling, and some other weird sport played in a gym with ramps and balls with a similar theme (I forget the name), so there are options nowadays.  I am super competitive so I definitely would have enjoyed some of these new options if only I was younger!  Unfortunately for me the only team sport I got competitive with in my teenage years was wheelchair square dancing.  It was cool, and it definitely became a pride thing as I knew I could drive better than anyone else there, but it was all exhibition because we were the only group of wheelchair square dancers around!  Fun times!

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