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     Kevin Schaefer 

    Hey everyone, here’s Michael Casten’s latest column:

    This post brings up a great point about how the siblings of a person with SMA can sometimes feel left out. When their brother or sister gets all of the attention and has so many needs, they can feel like everything revolves around them.

    I think this is an important topic to discuss here. I’m the youngest of three, and I’m sure my siblings have felt this way at some point.

    Have you had conversations with your kids about this?

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     Halsey Blocher 

    It’s definitely really important to have these types of conversations with siblings! My brother is 16 and has always been a trooper about being dragged along to appointments,  battling illnesses, and all of the daily obstacles that come with SMA. Our mom has always been great at explaining these things to him, and making sure he understands what’s going on and that he is still always just as important-his needs are just a bit different than mine. As he’s grown into a young man, he’s become one of my biggest supporters and most trusted helpers.

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       Kevin Schaefer 

      That’s great Halsey! My brother and sister are just like this as well. It helps tremendously to have this kind of support system.

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    This. Absolutely this post. I just had this conversation recently with my husband. I am currently 30 weeks pregnant with a son, who will not have SMA, and am worried about when this kind of frustration will occur between him and his sister. My husband and I communicate well and we openly express ourselves, and encourage my daughter to do so (and boy, does she TALK!). I would suspect that our boy won’t be too much different, but if he is more on the conservative side, or more quiet, I would still like to encourage him to talk about his feelings with us. This post further helped me to figure out how to handle this situation when it happens. Thank you so much for sharing!

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       Kevin Schaefer 

      Thanks for sharing Krystal! I’m glad you found this post helpful. It’s definitely an important conversation to have, and feel free to ask any of us here questions about this subject. I’m the youngest of three, and neither of my siblings have SMA.

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