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    Adapting to Life Outside Our Home With SMA

    I once heard a joke that a woman’s mind is like an Internet browser that has 1000 tabs open and running at once. I laughed at the time, but came to realize that if I didn’t actually feel like this before hearing the short acronym “SMA,” I most certainly do now.

    I spend much of my time pre-planning and thinking of possible problems that we may run into because of the kids’ diagnoses. I think many other SMA parents do this as well. Prior to our lives with SMA, we didn’t realize just how inaccessible the world is to those who are differently-abled.

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        Ryan Berhar

        Hey everyone, and happy Halloween! I wanted to let you know that today is my last day as a forum moderator. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you all, and I hope I’ve provided valuable information. But the time has come for me to make a change. I might check in once in a while, but I won’t be very active anymore. I will l leave you with this. Living with SMA is an unbelievably difficult burden, but you guys are absolute champions at it. The strength you guys approach life with inspires even me. Stay strong everyone. God bless.

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        Halsey Blocher

        We’re going to miss you! And remember, just as we have inspired you, you have also inspired us. You have impacted people here in ways that only you can. Make sure you give yourself some credit for that.

        And fortunately for you, you’re still stuck with me outside of the forums. You can’t get rid of me that easily! 😉

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        Kelly Miller

        Ryan, I’m really sorry to hear this because I always look forward to reading your advice and opinions on all of our topics. However, I do understand that the need for change sometimes comes without warning, without permission. I hope that whatever you do from this point forward will be fulfilling for you and bring you happiness. Our SMA world is a better place because you are sharing it with us!

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        DeAnn R

        Don’t be a stranger!  We enjoy getting your unique perspective on things.  Best of luck with your future endeavors.

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        Ryan Berhar

        Thank you all very much. I’m glad to hear that my contributions mattered.

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        Kevin Schaefer

        Thank you for all of your contributions here! Like DeAnn said, you’re more than welcome to participate in discussions here anytime. And I look forward to still seeing more videos from you. Take care.

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        Alyssa Silva

        We’ll miss you Ryan. Thanks for always sharing your insight with us and for being a great resource on how to navigate life with SMA. Safe to say I have some pretty big shoes to fill here!

        • #21186
          Ryan Berhar

          Thanks Alyssa. You’ll do fantastic

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