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      DeAnn R

      I’m sure there’s 101+ things I don’t know how to do with my iPhone. When this segment popped up on a show I watch I wanted to share it. You can allow certain contacts to bypass silent mode, set up keyboard shortcuts, use a magnifier app and easily share your location. I thought the tip for creating keyboard shortcuts might be particularly helpful for those of us with mobility issues. For example if you enter your email a lot you can set the shortcut to enter your email when you type something like ea. Here’s how:
      “Create shortcuts for typing email addresses, phone numbers, etc.

      Go to Settings
      Tap “General”
      Tap “Keyboards”
      Tap “Text replacement”
      Create a shortcut for something you type frequently.
      Now, when typing your shortcut in a text, email or note, your phone will automatically replace it.”

      They had another segment a while back with more tips like allowing access to your emergency contacts from your lock screen, organizing notes and even measure things with a measuring app. Did you know about these hacks? Anything else we should know about? Now I gotta go set some of this stuff up on my phone.

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      Blake Watson

      If you have difficulty using the touch interface there are a couple of cool accessibility tools that are handy:

      Assistive Touch – This is a little floating button that can trigger a panel that can do all sorts of interesting stuff.

      Voice Control – This is what I (have to) use. This has various ways to tap around the interface. Personally I like the mode that shows little numbers next to all tap-able elements and you speak the number of the thing you want to tap.

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        DeAnn R

        Yes, assistive touch is very helpful. I’m not great with voice control. I used to be able to take a picture by having voice control on and saying, “turn the volume down.” It hasn’t been working though. Any thoughts?

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          Blake Watson

          Try saying “Show Numbers” then the button should be labeled by a number. Speak the number to tap it.

          If you find yourself using the “show numbers” thing often, say “show numbers continuously” and they will hang around without needing to be summoned every time.

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      Tracy Odell

      I use Siri on my iPhone and recently found I can say “read me my text messages” and it will read them. It includes saying the name of emojis, but does not give a visual description for images – it just says they sent an image or video.

      I can also ask Siri to call people by name or to call numbers by stating the phone number.

      Similarly, it will read me my emails.

      Siri will ask me if I wish to reply and if I do, I can voice my reply. Have to have a high tolerance for it misunderstanding some words, but is good for short replies, especially in a text.

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      Alyssa Silva

      This isn’t necessarily an iPhone hack but I swear by the WiFi Mouse app. It helps me use my laptop with such ease being able to use a mouse and keyboard directly from my phone. Pretty sure it’s available on Google play too.

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