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      Kevin Schaefer

      Monday: As I mentioned in previous posts, the area I live in didn’t get hit bad by Hurricane Florence. However, some of the areas around us had flooded roads and damages. I go to Durham for acquatic therapy, and was supposed to have an appointment on Monday morning. Yet since the roads in Durham were too flooded then, I had to cancel. I then rearranged my schedule and called my caregiver to get me out of my bathing suit and changed. From there I proceeded with my work day as usual, and emailed my physical therapist Jean to see if there was an opening in her schedule for later in the week.

      Tuesday: I had a dentist appointment Tuesday morning, and as such I worked a little extra on Monday. I knew that between the commute and the time I’d spend at the dentist’s office, my morning would be eaten up. I actually don’t mind the dentist much, as it’s the one medical thing I go to where they don’t tell me that there’s something wrong with me lol. My muscles are abnormal, but at least I have good teeth. I also like the office I go to, not only because the people there accept Medicaid, but also because they let me stay in my chair when they clean my teeth. It’s worth the half-hour commute for those accommodations.

      Wednesday: On Wednesdays I go to lunch with my Mom and grandparents, which is nice. Since I work from home, it’s a good way to get out of the house. I did that and worked, and just did some reading that night.

      Thursday: In addition to working, I also had to plan out my weekend and coordinate rides. It was a busy weekend with friends and my cousin’s wedding, and I had to make sure I had transportation to everything.

      Friday: I was able to schedule an appointment with Jean on this day, and my friend Katie was nice enough to give me a ride. I wanted to give my Mom a break as she’s been busy with wedding stuff for my cousin. PT went well, and Jean said I am improving in terms of my overall muscle strength and energy. It’s exciting to hear, and I definitely feel a difference from a year ago. From there, Katie and I stopped by the comic shop on the way back, and met up with her husband Holden there. The three of us have been good friends since college, and I went to their wedding earlier this summer. I then went out with my friend Lucas and his roommate that night, and we stayed out pretty late. We grabbed dinner and went to a late movie, and by the time Lucas dropped me back off at my house I was beat.

      Saturday: My cousin Ashlee got married on Saturday. This is the third wedding I’ve been to in the past three months, so I guess I am really turning 25 in a few weeks. We had a great time; though the only thing was that the ceremony and reception were both outdoors, and it was pretty hot. Fortunately I made it through the whole evening, but by about 9:00 a headache came on me and I was ready to go home. We all had a great time, but I took an Advil and crashed when I got home.

      Sunday: I didn’t really get any down time this weekend, so I may be dragging a little during the first part of this week. Sunday I went to church, recorded a podcast, celebrated a friend’s birthday in the evening and did some work when I got home. Maybe one day I’ll pace myself more lol.

      Hope you all have a great week!

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      Michael Morale

      Gees, I thought I was busy. Glad you’re seeing a difference in you muscle strength and energy since starting physical therapy. I love PT because it really does help.

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        Kevin Schaefer

        It does. As someone who was initially skeptical about it and wondered if it would do any good, I’m glad I kept going. I recommend water therapy for anyone with SMA.

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      Adnan Hafizovic

      Glad to hear that you had good week,these days I m not in good mood,its coming autumn and cold weather and I hate it.

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        DeAnn R

        Good to hear from you Adnan!  I’m getting ready to hibernate since summer is over.  It can definitely be depressing, but makes the nice days even better.

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        Kevin Schaefer

        Cold season is tough for sure. I think most of us hibernate during the winter, and it is frustrating. Do you have any things you like to do to keep yourself occupied during this time?

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      DeAnn R

      You certainly know how to keep busy Kevin.  Do you have any favorite lunch spots with your mom & grandparents?  Wedding season should be winding down, so you might be off the hook for a while.

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        Kevin Schaefer

        There’s a McAlister’s Deli we go to regularly. Fortunately my Mom’s parents live right around the corner from us, and we’ve always been really close. And yes, weddings are fun, but I’m kind of ready to be done with wedding season haha.

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