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      Full disclosure; I’ve had a few beers & girl scouts cookies (if ya know ya know) & right this moment listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmljreTAgYI

      After my back surgery & how much I lost from that at 10 I decided I was done with doctors. I’m 35 & haven’t seen a doc off my own bat for anything more than a prescription for a chest infection 10yrs ago after a weekend out with a cold already.

      I ignored my disability pretty much until about 4yrs ago. Even though I was forced to medically retire 7yrs ago.

      Once I stopped being inspirational & available all the time the “I’ll always be there honey” & “anything for you brother” people got distant. Even resentful I couldn’t/wouldn’t go to dinner or party with them. As if I didn’t want to lol shows how little they ever knew.

      Now but its all feeling like the sweet younger life I led is calling in the debts. Lost so much abilities last 2yrs & it feels like my “good” arm is on its way out. Mum is old & not healthy, after her I got no one left. There’s my dog, but he hates everyone except me & mum.

      I still have a stupid unfounded belief I’ll manage…

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      DeAnn R

      Can’t go wrong with Rod Stewart.

      Totally get it.  I too have an aversion to doctors.  Very few do I find actually helpful.  Mainly I do the bare minimum so they’ll continue writing the orders I need.

      Most people don’t understand the effort it takes to go out & do things.  It’s kind of a you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours kind of world.  Maybe we just have to put in that extra effort to scratch their backs?

      You’re right though, you’ll manage.

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