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      DeAnn R

      During strawberry picking season I always get a little envious of the u-pick strawberry fields. Although it looks like fun there’s no way I can pick berries from the ground. That’s why when I heard the local orchard was offering self-pick honeyberries I had to give it a try. Honeyberries grow on a shrub, so they should be reachable.

      On a whim not knowing if we’d like them, or if the patch was even accessible we headed to check it out. Yes, I tried calling to ask about accessibility, but like everywhere else these days no one answers the phone. Luckily I only had to do a little off-roading to get to the mesh canopy shielding the berries from the birds. Last year I guess there were holes in the netting so the birds got to them first. Mom & I each purchased two of the cutest half pint containers to fill. It was almost worth the $3 just for the little teal berry basket.

      Two challenges faced me. First, the patch was shaded by a grove of trees so it was a little cool for optimal dexterity. Second, the best berries were hidden on the inside just out of reach. Despite that I managed to pick a quarter of a basket full of berries that resemble misshapen blueberries but taste so much better in my opinion. After Mom promptly filled her two baskets, I handed her mine and pointed out pockets of ripe berries to top off my remaining containers.

      Even though it didn’t go exactly as I’d hoped it was fun to try something new. I even got a honeyberry smoothie out of the berries we picked and there’s enough left over to make muffins I think. I’m almost tempted to plant my own honeyberry bushes.

      Have you guys been on any new adventures? How did it go? Any honeyberry recipes for me to try?

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      Alyssa Silva

      It may just be because I live under a rock, but I have never heard of honeyberries before! What do they taste like? Sounds like a fun activity. I haven’t done much these days so I can’t really contribute.

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        DeAnn R

        Alyssa, I only heard about them within the last year so you’re not living under a rock. To me they have more tang than a blueberry. Almost like a raspberry but less seedy. The crimson color makes a pretty smoothie when they get mashed up.

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