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      Kevin Schaefer

      Check out Brianna Albers’ latest column about seeing the broadway sensation “Hamilton”: https://smanewstoday.com/2018/09/17/sma-didnt-hold-me-back-hamilton-now-ready-for-more/?amp.

      She provides a detailed account of the experience, her anxieties leading up to it, and the joy of seeing the show. In particular she writes about how liberating it was to do something downtown with just friends, and how she prepared for the experience.

      Can you relate to Brianna’s story? Do you have any similar stories?

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      DeAnn R

      Great article.  Certainly activities like this can be daunting.  It’s kind of sad, if I venture somewhere on my own and bump into friends I usually get asked, “Where’s your Mom?”  Even though I want to be snarky, the fact is she’s around 80-90% of the time when I do go out.  Especially during the winter months when a coat of some sort is required.  The last time I ventured out on my own was a trip to Walgreens.  It was too warm to bring my service dog and I didn’t have a good grip on my phone.  All I could think on my way there was don’t drop your phone, don’t drop your phone, don’t drop your phone.  Did I drop my phone?  Yup.  The nice lady who saw it topple out of my hands picked it up for me.  The fact is stuff happens but it’s not the end of the world.

      Are there things you wish you could just go and do on your own but can’t?  Do you find alternatives?  I try not to dwell on that stuff, but every now & then I have to admit it sucks.

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        Kevin Schaefer

        It’s tough, and I appreciate Brianna for providing specifics here. And it’s ok to vent. Also, you’re still allowed to be snarky when you get comments like that. Even if your Mom is with you the majority of the time when you’re out, people don’t need to make a big deal out of it when she’s not with you.

        In terms of me going out, I do have friends drive me most of the time. However, I’ve had several friends move recently, so that sucks. I’m just at that age where so many people I know are getting married, moving, starting new jobs, etc. I am fortunate that there are many things I can do, and I have a lot of favorite hangout spots, but there are still things I can’t do that I wish I could. I guess the biggest is getting into other people’s houses and apartments. There are still a handful I can access, but for the most part I either go out with friends or we hang out at my house. There’s a lot I can do, but I still have to coordinate things with caregivers and ensure that I have transportation. All of the planning does get exhausting sometimes, and I do everything I can to get rides and only ask my parents as a last resort.

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