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8 Notable People With Spinal Muscular Atrophy


Being diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) does not necessarily mean that you cannot achieve great success and to lead a happy and productive life. We’ve compiled a list of eight people who have the condition who have lived their lives to the full and gone on to be very successful in their chosen fields, based on Wikipedia.

Alexa Dectis

Alexa is an American actress famous for appearing in shows such as The Guiding Light, Sesame Street, and the movie Admissions. Alexa was diagnosed with SMA at 16 months old and has been in a wheelchair since she was two. The 23-year-old from Pennsylvania is also a singer and motivational speaker and an ambassador for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Find out about Sylwia and how she has become both a role model and a lingerie model.

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  1. John Woodworth says:

    I have SMA III and so does my sister, Zoe Ann Davis since we were in our early teens. We both suffered not knowing what we had until our 50s. Zoe got her masters in Social Work and is still working after 40 years. I got my degree and owned a dairy farm for three years and went on to work for the Federal Government, Farm Service Agency for 34 years as a Farm Loan Specialist and as a State wide Certified General Appraiser for Michigan. I retired in 2012. We both participated in SMA studies and I am now working on getting the new FDA drug if I can afford it. Both of us have a can do attitude and have fought the good fight and will continue into the future.

  2. Diana Albrecht says:

    I also have SMA III and am 55 years old. I´m ambulatory and in good health. I´ve been approved for Spinraza. Unfortunately my insurance company denied it due to medically not necessary and also my age. Thereś not enough evidence to show improvement in adults. Where are you now with your efforts? Hopefully you have already started treatment. I know that Spinraza will be beneficial to all of us at all ages. We just need insurance companies to comply.

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