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Durham, NC



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Delphine is a writer that doesn’t like writing about herself. So guess what she did? She started a blog talking about her dark emotions and deepest insecurities (Yay – er, I mean why? Hell if I know. But don’t the greatest adventures usually start out that way?) Delphine is also a big researcher, as in she types all her burning questions into Google and then hits enter. Upon typing “How to write an author bio?” she learned that it should be written in the third person. Therefore, she will continue to refer to herself in the third person for the remainder of this bio.

Delphine is one of those people who is always prepared. In fact, she is so prepared that she brings her own seat with her wherever she goes (so actually the chair is motorized and kind of a requirement for Delphine’s mobility as she has a type of Muscular Dystrophy called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Oh and the chair’s name is Percy, and yes, he did insist I tell you that.)

Besides being the recipient of a rare disability, Delphine has also been diagnosed with anxiety and depression (a twofer- Yay me, er, I mean her.) Her 30+ years have given her a lot of experience trying to figure this all out. Does that mean she has it all figured out? Hell, no! Are there days where she just wants to say “fuck it” and disappear to a deserted island with her best coconut friend she affectionately refers to as Charlie? Yea, most days. But she is still trying, and failing, and trying again. And sometimes she thinks she is getting pretty good at this whole “life” thing, or at least better than yesterday.

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Type II

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diagnosed at 18 months

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