Selouna Visser



Short Bio

Selouna is a driven and passionate postgraduate student in Computer Science and the IT- and BSc in IT distance learning manager for the School of Computer Science and Information Systems at the North-West University. Her career goal is to specialise in the field of data engineering as this is one of the fields that she is the most passionate about. Selouna is also passionate about transferring her knowledge and skills to younger students.  She makes use of a wheelchair since 2002, however, she has never let this stand in the way of anything she wants to achieve. Her highest qualification so far is a B.Sc. Hons degree in Computer Science and Information Technology with Computer and Information Systems. Though academics are a large part of who Selouna is, it is not the only way that Selouna passes her time. Some of her interests are public and motivational speaking and cultural activities such as (mostly as audience) theatre, dance and music. Her hobbies include photography, listening to music, watching movies, reading books, gardening and colouring.

How long have you or the person that you are caring for had SMA?

I was diagnosed with SMA type 3 at age 2 so in 2023 it will be 26 years.