Short Bio

Keeping It Brief (not my talent)

Late 30s (Yay! Ouch!)


Undergrad – Baylor University


Grad – ACU


Career – Accountant


Interests – Music, Movie, Science Fiction, Writing, Physics, God, Human Behavior, Research (Curiosity), Humor, Computers, Pets, Wine, Traveled….


Downfalls – Alcohol, Drugs, and Rock ‘n Roll (kidding, those were my 20s, mostly…), Smart and funny guy with a great voice, Curiosity (I know it is in both places), the Switch, Usually saying way too much, Being not a morning person…


Goals – Maintaining a Stable and Profitable Business, Creating Something Worth Buying and Stealing, Relief, Intelligent and Unusual Conversation, Love (in all shapes and forms, it is more of a continuous goal)


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