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Planes, Trains, & Accessible Travel With SMA

Talk to your doctor to determine if you or your child is fit to travel. Traveling with a child is never easy. Traveling with a child in a wheelchair is an extra challenge. The first time Leah flew on an airplane, she was six months old, almost a year before she was diagnosed. We have always been a traveling family and once she was diagnosed, we were both hopeful and determined that it wouldn’t hold us back. I have always flown with Leah by myself, just the two of us. Call me crazy; it’s OK, I am. There are some things we have learned that have made it so much easier for us.

Chore Time With SMA

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I like to think that we are a well-oiled machine in our house every morning, but I may be delusional. Every morning is started with the best intentions, which quickly evaporate into controlled chaos, and ultimately ends with a sprint through the door, praying we didn’t forget anything.