Soaring With Hope – a Column by Ari Anderson

Ari was diagnosed with SMA Type I at 6 months of age in 1982, when the prognosis was almost hopeless. 38 years later, medical therapies have changed the prognosis to hopeful. Yet, the rest of society has a long way to catch up in how they see people with SMA. Through his column, “Soaring With Hope,” Ari shares how he changes views through advocacy, innovative technology, and determination. In his writings, Ari wants to inspire hope by helping others rise above their frustrating hardships.

A tribute to the scribes who provided me writing assistance

I’ve written a lot about the support I’ve received from nurses and others. Although I always recognize the people in my life one way or another, I have yet to celebrate plenty of people, both medical professionals and nonmedical ones, through my columns. Everybody I know has gotten recognition…