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    Talk to your doctor to determine if you or your child is fit to travel.

    Traveling with a child is never easy. Traveling with a child in a wheelchair is an extra challenge. The first time Leah flew on an airplane, she was six months old, almost a year before she was diagnosed. We have always been a traveling family and once she was diagnosed, we were both hopeful and determined that it wouldn’t hold us back.

    I have always flown with Leah by myself, just the two of us. Call me crazy; it’s OK, I am. There are some things we have learned that have made it so much easier for us.

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       Ryan Berhar 

      I can’t really handle physical books anymore, so I’m looking into getting some sort of tablet. Do you guys recommend a Kindle, Nook, or something different?

    • #19897
       Kevin Schaefer 

      I use my iPad. You can download eBooks, magazines, etc. on it. But Kindles and Nooks work great too.

    • #19898
       Dennis Turner 

      For me, kindle. I have a really old kindle, prior to the paperwhite, no touch screen, no nothing, but it is light, runs forever on a charge, and syncs with my phone so I can read anywhere, anytime.

      My oldest son went with the nook since he was working at a Barnes and Noble and his needed to be replaced 2 or 3 times before he caved and bought a kindle.

      Just my thoughts.

    • #19899
       Tracy Odell 

      I have trouble with a tablet because I can’t reach all parts of the screen, and I tend to use some fingers to raise my hand up enough to support my pointer finger to activate icons on the screen.

      I prefer having a talking book through my iPhone. I have a subscription to audible.com which gives me a fair number of books to read. My local library also has numerous titles available to download for free – bonus they can never be late because the time expires and returns the book without me doing anything.

      I had a Kobo which is Canadian version of a Kindle, but I found I couldn’t work the on/off button well enough – it needed to be dragged over to the side and because it was nearly flush with the top of the Kobo, I could not get a grip on it even with my fingernail. A friend of mine traded me for her Kindle, which had a button that was a bit easier for me to work – maybe because it was more worn in or for some other reason, but whenever I feel like reading it seems the Kindle is out of my reach and/or out of power. I never think about charging it, unfortunately.

      So I prefer using my iPhone which I always have with me or reading text or listening through my PC.

      • #19906
         DeAnn R 

        Tracy, I have my tablet on a turntable, that makes it much easier to reach the icons.

    • #19902
       Halsey Blocher 

      I use the kindle app on my iPad mini. The touch screen makes it easier to navigate my library and turn pages. Kindle also has a good selection of free books.

    • #19905
       DeAnn R 

      I have a Kindle, Nook and iPad but prefer the Kindle app on my phone. Amazon also has Audible you could try. Your Echo can then read to you! I still prefer just reading at my own pace though.

    • #19909
       Ryan Berhar 

      Thanks everyone. I definitely relate to the size of a tablet being a bit difficult, but the thing is I don’t want to read books on my phone, because I just know I’ll get distracted too easily. I literally do everything on my phone, so I’d like to get something else. I also don’t really want to buy an iPad just for reading, so I’ll probably end up going with a kindle. Seems like the most highly recommended device.

      • #19938
         Halsey Blocher 

        Kindles are a great option, but if you decide to check out iPads,  you could a used one online for a similar price to kindles. It might not have all of the features, but if you’re only using for reading it should be fine.

    • #19943
       Jim Schneider 

      The Kindle Paperwhite is by far the best for reading books.  Reading on your phone or tablet causes so much eye strain.  Buy the kindle it is worth the investment.

      Then download the “Libby” app to your phone so you can borrow digital and audio books from your library.  You can actually borrow the book from the public library and tell the app to download to your kindle and Amazon sends it out to the Kindle.  The app is easy to use and the books are free to borrow.

      • #19946
         Ryan Berhar 

        Good information. Thanks, Jim.

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