Cure SMA Plans to Award Nearly $2 Million in Research Grants


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Cure SMA, an organization committed to fund and direct comprehensive research that drives breakthroughs in treatment and care for SMA patients, has just announced plans to award $1.995 million worth of research grants for the upcoming months.

These grants cover all 4 focused areas of Cure SMA’s research model: basic research, drug discovery, clinical trials, and clinical care research. The funding will also be allocated to support next year’s SMA Researcher Meeting, held annually during the SMA Conference.

The company recently reported on the status of SMA’s drug pipeline, stating it has expanded to 18 ongoing programs, 7 of which have already progressed to clinical trials. This significant progress was made possible through the constant collaboration between Cure SMA’s four research models.

  1. Basic research investigates the cause and bioology of SMA, often revealing new and more effective ways of making drugs.
  2. Drug discovery converts these basic research ideas into practical candidates that can be tested in
  3. Clinical trials.
  4. Clinical care research addresses issues that affect quality of life for those affected by SMA.

Cure SMA once again thanked the SMA community, specifically the many brave SMA patients, their supportive families, and the generous institutions that have shown their own fervent efforts in battling this disease, and those that have come together to pool this generous funding for further, more innovative research.