31 Days of SMA: Andres Gonzalez

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SMA Awareness Month

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Day 21 of 31 Days SMA Topic: Resilience and SMA This is @sexassistfilm ’s story: Resilience is a word that could accurately match with being a person with SMA type 2, and also being Venezuelan. As our people have endured strong challenges having to migrate all over the world (We are the 2nd most migrating country after Siria), resilience is a common trait of Venezuelans. Even though I’ve stayed in my country, a place with little accessible infrastructure and education, and a lot of violence and poverty, focusing on the human potential we all have has been key to my development. I’m Andres Gonzalez, 37, and I’ve been recognized in international film festivals in multiple countries for a short documentary I directed about intimacy and disability. I graduated with a B.A. in Mass Media Communications with a Postgraduate Degree in Image Consulting for public figures. I’m a singer for a renowned jazz big band. My loving family had endured the demands of my father serving the army for 40+ years and my mother taking care of myself on her own for prolonged periods. Slowly but surely we’ve built my independence uphill. My life is constantly getting better. And yet, I don’t think I have some unique superpower. Resilience can be learned. It’s only human and natural to feel frightened under extreme pressures and uncertainty. However, ask yourself: What is this trying to teach me? How is this guiding me to reach my dreams? And you move forward no matter what. That’s how you could align yourself to your life’s purpose and feel joy and gratitude for your unique path. Struggling is overrated. And we may tend to display it and sometimes unconsciously foster it. But pain and suffering are just part of everyone’s life at some degree and serve a purpose. When it appears on its own, welcome it as a teaching and be grateful for it. Just get used to the struggle to the point it doesn’t seem like you are doing it. Get the struggle down off the pedestal and just enjoy your wonderful life. Check out the film trailer, follow, support!!! #SMAAwarenessMonth #SMAAwareness #31daysofsma2020

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