31 Days of SMA: George Corbin

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SMA Awareness Month

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Day 28 of 31 Days SMA Topic: Being Successful This is @georgecorbin_’s story: My name is George Corbin. I’m from the Jersey shore and I’m living with SMA. To be honest, I don’t know where to start. SMA has been challenging, yet rewarding. It’s rewarding because it’s made me a stronger individual mentally. It’s made me unique. I may have limitations physically, but I flex my mental muscle all the time lol. I’m crafty with the way I live my life. I refuse to let a negative stigma of living with a disability dictate how I want to live. There’s nothing in this world I can’t do. There’s nothing I can’t reach. And there’s nothing I can’t see. I know you may be thinking, “wow, this guy is delusional. How do you explain getting upstairs? How do you travel, How do you live an independent lifestyle?” All of those things I have already achieved. How? because I never surrendered to being “dis-abled.” It’s not a matter of physical limitations, it’s a matter of how far you will go to achieve goals. And don’t get me wrong, a lot of what I’m saying is easier said than done. I’ve learned that you have to be mentally strong as opposed to physically strong to achieve happiness, success, growth, wealth, etc. And this doesn’t just go for people with physical impairments, this goes for everyone. SMA forced me to dig deeper into what really matters. Sure, there are plenty of times I was upset and down about my physical situation. I’ve had really bad days and wanted to give up. We all have doubts, but let me remind you that these are just bad days, and good days are always ahead of us. If you have a good head on your shoulders, you can achieve anything you want in life. They’re going to be people that’ll tell you otherwise because they don’t see themselves achieving greatness, so they try to bring you down with them. But I never let negativity consume me, nor do I let my physical limitations define me. SMA is only what you make it out to be. I love who I am, I love where I came from, and I love where I’m going, I embrace my challenges, and I have zero regrets. Love. #SMAAwarenessMonth #SMAAwareness #31daysofsma2020

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