31 Days of SMA: My Marriage Makes Good Things Happen

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Day 2 of 31

This is Rachel Stewart’s story:

Growing up, I didn’t have any role models with my disability, let alone know someone with SMA who was married, or in a queer relationship. And I certainly didn’t see any representation on TV or in the media. I figured I’d be alone forever, deemed to live my life as a spinster with cats as my only company.

Today, while I do have lots of cats, I also met a wonderful woman online (all the kids are doing it these days!), and we’ve been married for six years. Our relationship is beautiful because of our interdependence. Together, we make things — good things — happen!

Susan supported me in moving for my dream job: working at a college, helping students with disabilities find employment. And I supported Susan in opening a rad gift shop, @strappingstore, in Sacramento, California.

She’s also helped me implement “operation independence,” building an accessible kitchen and supporting me while I jumped through bureaucratic hoops to get an accessible vehicle I can drive. She took care of me after I had mitrofanoff surgery (so I can use the bathroom independently).

For those of you wondering if you’ll find someone — put yourself out there, live your best life, and let your light shine bright!

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