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Adapting to Life Outside Our Home With SMA

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I once heard a joke that a woman’s mind is like an Internet browser that has 1000 tabs open and running at once. I laughed at the time, but came to realize that if I didn’t actually feel like this before hearing the short acronym “SMA,” I most certainly do now.

Growing Our Family After SMA

My husband and I always wanted 3 children. Even before we got married, we would talk about it like it was going to happen simply because we had decided so. We talked about baby names we loved, and if we wanted to have a daughter first or a…

Enter SMA

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When we had our daughter, Ruby, like many first-time parents, we had so many dreams for her. And they all involved her exploring the world, finding what she loves to do, and learning all she can about it. Enter SMA. When you get a diagnosis like…