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Sherry “Elisa” Toh (she/they) is a hopeless romantic navigating life in sunny Singapore. She was diagnosed with SMA Type II at 13 months, and lives with kyphoscoliosis and chronic neuropathy as complications. Her loves include fairy tales, mythology, antiheroes, video games, and tea. She is planning on pursuing a BA in English Lit, but, for now, is enjoying freelance work and volunteering for communities and causes she believes in. She hopes her columns will offer community and catharsis to those who need it. Find her @sherlisass on social media.

Articles by Sherry Toh

I Don’t Want a World Without SMA. Here’s Why

When I was diagnosed with SMA, my parents were confronted with a pivotal choice: stay in Singapore or move the three of us to the U.S., where they’d heard there might be an experimental gene therapy that could treat me. It’s a decision that would have altered the course of…

The Siren Song of a Magic Cure

A woman lies in a hospital bed, her breathing erratic and her forehead damp with sweat. She’s shaking from the pain she’s in. In a matter of days, the loss of control and sensation in her legs has spread to her right hand and is now progressing to…