Embracing My Inner Alien - a column by Kevin Schaefer

wheelchair malfunction, movie theaterKevin is a writer, podcaster, and lover of all things pop-culture. Diagnosed with SMA Type 2 at the age of 18 months, he shares a vast array of hilarious and eye-opening stories from his life with a neuromuscular disability. In addition to his weekly columns, he works as the Director of Forums for this site’s parent company, BioNews. Kevin is a graduate of North Carolina State University and lives with his parents in Cary, NC. People regularly mistake him for Tony Stark, on account of his intellect and advanced technological equipment.


Staying on Top of Everything, or Just Getting By

One of my favorite films is “Rushmore,” a coming-of-age comedy from one of cinema’s most imaginative directors, Wes Anderson. “Rushmore” tells the story of quirky teenager Max Fischer, an ambitious playwright who prioritizes everything but his academics. He joins every…