Life, One Cup at a Time - a Column by Alyssa Silva

Diagnosed at 5 months of age, Alyssa has set out to raise awareness about life with SMA Type I through writing. By getting personal and being open about her trials and triumphs, she wants the world to know that SMA can put up a good fight, but we can always fight back exceedingly harder. Aside from writing, Alyssa is the community director for an adaptive fashion brand and has founded her own nonprofit called Working On Walking. In her free time, she enjoys discovering new coffee shops within a 50-mile radius of her hometown in Rhode Island.

Combating 3 misconceptions about living with SMA

While living with SMA, I’ve been on the receiving end of many people’s misconceptions about the disease. To an extent, I understand their lack of awareness; there are many diseases and conditions that I don’t know about, either. But there’s a fine line between not understanding the complexities of…

3 productivity hacks I use while living with SMA

Among the many SMA symptoms I live with every day, fatigue has permanently staked out its territory at the top of the list. I am perpetually tired. There are days when my fatigue gets the best of me, but more often than not, I’ve learned to live with it.