Making Transfers Easier: The Molift Nomad Ceiling Hoist

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Transferring an SMA individual in and out of their wheelchair can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have the proper equipment. While there are many types of Hoyer lifts, one of the most innovative and easy-to-use is the Molift Nomad ceiling hoist.

Developed by Etac, the Molift Nomad is connected to a specialized rail which attaches to the ceiling. Whereas a traditional Hoyer lift is ground-based and has to be driven and operated by one or more caregivers, ceiling hoists allow for more spacious transfers, and in most cases one caregiver is sufficient for operating them.

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How it Works
The Molift Nomad can be easily connected and disconnected via an extension arm that comes with it. This makes it easy for the user to set up rails in their bedroom, bathroom and anywhere else where transfers are necessary. Once the lift is connected to the rail, it’s then lowered so that the caregiver can strap it to the user’s sling. This process is similar to other Hoyer lifts, in which the user is wrapped in a cocoon-shaped sling for support during the transfer process.

From there, the caregiver uses a hand-controlled remote to lift the user in the air and slide them across the room to their bed or their bathroom seat. With its unique curved design and integrated four-point suspension, the Molift Nomad is designed to make transfers more spacious and comfortable than other models.

To charge the lift, simply connect the remote to a specialized battery charger that comes with the package. The charger can be attached to a wall, placed on a table or be integrated into the Molift Nomad Cart.

The Molift Nomad is one of the most user-friendly and safe Hoyer lifts available today. For more information about this device and other types of ceiling hoists, visit Etac.

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