31 Days of SMA: Finances and SMA

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Day Five of SMA Awareness Month ⁣⠀ Topic: Pursuing Goals Relentlessly⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ This is @jonathangreeson Story:⁣⠀ I always wanted to work in Finance. I loved the stock market and dreamed of becoming a major player on Wall Street. SMA can be good at bringing you back to reality and, over the years, SMA helped me see the big picture. Wealth without purpose is just a number. Life is not about “having more.” It’s about appreciating what we have while maximizing our resources and talents in the pursuit of our clearly-defined, reasonable goals.⁣⠀ I believe understanding this concept helps me as a financial planner. I know that I’ll need a minimum of $1.3 million to survive on my own for 20 years. That number could help me be truly independent; not living in a facility or completely relying on my family. Sure, there are government assistance programs, but true independence occurs when your life isn’t really affected by the budget changing whims of politicians. ⁣⠀ Sharing my goal allows my clients to see how a goal needs to be defined. An actual number gives us a clear target. Everyone wants to beat the market, but that’s virtually impossible to do consistently. That’s why every firm says in fine print “Past performance does not guarantee future results.”⁣⠀ History proves that people are successful in investing and in life when they pursue their goals relentlessly. Everyone faces their own challenges, but goals force us to keep moving forward. My job allows me to pursue my goals by helping others pursue theirs. More information can be found at www.jonathangreeson.com.

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