From Where I Sit - a Column by Halsey Blocher

tracheostomy tube, COVID-19 vaccine, St. Patrick, ask, hospitalizationHalsey is a young woman living with SMA Type I. She received this diagnosis at the age of 15 months after her parents sought multiple doctors’ opinions and genetic testing — a process that has since been made much easier with today’s technology and understanding of the disease. Halsey is an avid reader and enjoys art and crock pot cooking. She also enjoys serving as a volunteer for a disability center in her home state of Indiana. She is now pursuing her writing dream with the hope of offering glimpses into everyday life with SMA and challenging readers to look for the positive in every situation.

Why I’m choosing to respond to ableism with love

For kids, February tends to entail a Valentine’s Day party for every activity, club, or team they’re a part of. Our mom used to take my brother and me to plenty of these parties when we were little, as we were actively involved in church, disability organizations, and our home-schooling…