We’re Building a Deck so I Can Be Closer to Nature

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We’ve finally had some decent weather. It has been rainy lately, which I thoroughly enjoy because I’m allergic (literally, not figuratively) to the burning orb in the sky that is the sun — both my skin and eyes react. But construction doesn’t happen when it’s raining, which means that, with the change in weather, we’ve finally made some progress on our beautiful new deck! Sun and heat equal fast and consistent construction.

Ultimately, the point of the deck is so I can go outside more often. You know, to get fresh air. It’s going to be screened in with a roof because I’m also allergic to mosquitos. It’s almost as though nature has something against me. I’m excited because, despite my various allergies, I do like to be outside, and we have all these awesome ideas on how to decorate it. We’ve planned a cute fountain; fairy lights; those long, lacy curtains; cushy white, wicker furniture; a barbecue … the whole nine yards!

Yes, we’re aware that we’re extra. But I’m a homebody, and when a lot of life is spent at home, it’s turned into a personal temple. We recently turned our extra room into a library! I’m slowly taking over the house. Eventually, I will also take over the world — one step at a time.

I can’t wait until the deck is done and I can be out there with a coffee and a good book — or trying to write a good book. Or to be outside with a blanket and some tea while it’s raining. Now I’m just daydreaming about how wonderful it’s going to be!

The builders are doing an awesome job. They’ve nearly finished the whole thing. The ramp, on the other hand, took a while. But I actually got to cancel an appointment because it wasnt completed, which was fine by me! I didn’t really want to go to the dentist anyway.

Usually, renovations and house modifications are stressful. The deck was no exception, but that was more because of the weather and finances. So far, the construction hasn’t been stressful at all. Thank goodness, too, because we’ve had a hectic year already. 

Hopefully, this deck will bring some well-deserved peace.


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