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      DeAnn R

      Everything is a process when you have a disability.  It seems like everything from getting up in the morning to eating and even going to the bathroom takes 10 times longer than I’d like it to.  Don’t get me started if I have someone new helping.  Do you have any tips or shortcuts that shave off time?

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      Kip Troendle

      I hear EXACTLY what you are saying!  I can’t stand being behind schedule (especially with morning routines).  I try to get in the habit of always preparing.  For example — most evenings when my “night person” comes to put me to bed, I find one or two “things” to be prepared for morning (like putting out my clothes and getting my breakfast table ready).  These things being done, helps my “morning person” be able to do unexpected things that might pop-up.  I’m always planning ahead and doing things in advance.

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        DeAnn R

        Agree Kip, prepping saves a lot of time.

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      Tracy Odell

      When I need someone to get faster at doing something, like help me go to the washroom, I will leave the last 15 minutes of my time with them to get it done. They will want to get out on time, so we will accomplish the task in 15-20 minutes. A couple of days later I will only leave 10 minutes of my time with them to go to the bathroom. Again, they will meet that time if they want to leave on schedule.

      Another thing I have done is get them to shadow a staff member who can do things quickly and give them some tips. This is after having a conversation with them about the goal to have a task completed in a certain period of time. It helps them to know the same time limit that I have in my head, so we are working from the same page.

      All that being said, some people perform slower out of an abundance of caution. If I am getting better service out of it – for example massaging moisturizer into my skin rather than “slapping” it on, that is a trade-off that I’m prepared to make most days.

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        DeAnn R

        Interesting, I’ll have to try that time trick.  You’re right, they usually do want to leave on time.

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      Alyssa Silva

      I like to establish routines because, eventually, my caregivers will get into a flow of doing the same tasks each day. I feel as though this creates efficiency and, ultimately, saves time.

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        DeAnn R

        I’m a very routine person.

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