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    Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  I spent the time between Christmas an New Years stranded at my Mom’s house due to bad road conditions.  Maybe it was karma for pulling a prank on her, but it was worth it.

    Right before Christmas we started an adorable 500 piece puzzle at her house. We didn’t quite complete it by the time I had to leave. I mentioned I’d be bummed if she finished it without me as I’d be back in a few days anyway. Of course I knew she couldn’t resist putting the rest together, so I sneakily took a piece. Just as suspected I got this texted photo that night.

    It took all I had not to fess up, but I kept my cool and just replied what bad luck we’ve had with puzzles.  When I returned home the puzzle board had been moved, so I couldn’t put the missing piece back myself.  I enlisted the help of my niece to complete the puzzle.  The trickiest part was getting Mom to notice.  We even had her measure the board to see if another puzzle would fit with no luck.  Later that evening I blatantly asked what piece was missing.  It was hilarious as she was searching perplexed.  When I cracked up laughing she figured it out.

    At first she assumed we found it but couldn’t fathom where as she scoured the area looking for it.  She pretended to be mad when I told her I took it, but I know she wasn’t too upset because we completed 2 more puzzles while we hunkered down waiting for road conditions to improve.

    What type of pranks have you pulled off?  Did you do it on your own or enlist the help of others?  I’d love to hear your stories.

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