12 SMA Resources for Young Adults

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Just because you have spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) doesn’t mean you can’t live a rich and fulfilling life. Young adults with SMA want the same things as young adults without SMA: go to college, get a job they enjoy, live independently. However, they may need a little bit of help along the way.

We’ve put together a list of resources that will help young adults with SMA achieve these life goals based on information from the Muscular Dystrophy Association.


There are many organizations out there to help young adults with SMA realize their dream of a college education. They can help with scholarships, financing college courses and choosing the right university.


Whether you decide to go to college or not, you will more than likely want to get a job to finance your independent life. These resources can help with finding a job, employment rights, work accommodation (if necessary), internships, and specific job training.

Living independently

To live independently, those with SMA will need support in various areas, from finance and education to finding an appropriate property. One of the biggest concerns will be finding and paying for care facilities. These three organizations can help:

For a more comprehensive list of resources for young adults with spinal muscular atrophy visit the MDA.org site.


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