How a Young Boy Makes Sick Children Smile

This Sewing Hope video from The Feed is all about the awesome Campbell Remess, a 12-year-old boy from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Unlike other boys his age, Campbell is not interested in playing video games or watching movies–he prefers to spend all of his free time hand-making teddy bears to give to sick children.

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Campbell was first inspired to sew teddies when he asked his mom if he could buy Christmas presents for sick children at the hospital. When he was told it would cost too much money, Campbell decided he would make presents instead and hit upon the idea of making teddy bears.

Campbell’s mom, Sonya, estimates that over the past three years he has made anywhere between 700 and 800 soft toys for sick children. Campbell buys the materials needed to make the toys using the money he has earned doing chores or from donations. He then hand delivers his creations to the children and watches with delight as the children hug them and name their new friends.

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