Adaptive Vans for Wheelchair Users: The MV-1

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In 2016, Mobility Ventures released the MV-1, which is the first van to be built specifically for wheelchair users. With its wide interior space and easy-to-use ramps, the MV-1 is one of the best transportation options available today for SMA individuals.

Features of this vehicle include an extra-wide passenger door and an integrated in-floor ramp, making accessibility extremely easy. Once inside, a floor-to-ceiling height of nearly five feet and a spacious interior gives the wheelchair user plenty of room to maneuver and park. Unlike most adaptive vans, the MV-1 allows the wheelchair user to sit up front in the shotgun seat, rather than in the back or middle.

Additionally, the MV-1 comes with a two-stage power ramp which allows you to choose from a shorter or longer ramp depending on the situation. For example, if you find yourself in a crowded parking lot with multiple handicapped spots taken, the shorter ramp might be a better option. A simple switch on the side of the door allows you to alternate between the two.

For travel, the MV-1 has a significantly higher storage capacity than any converted minivan. This model is capable of towing up to 3,000 pounds, making it great for road trips.

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Financial Aspects
The starting cost for an MV-1 is approximately $40,000. Nevertheless, there are several options for helping with the financial aspects of acquiring one of these vans. The Bank of America has an online application process which you can find here. You can also talk with your insurance provider to see what kind of assistance they provide.

Taxi and Other Transportation Services
With the MV-1 becoming more popular, Taxi fleets, school districts and other transportation services have begun to use this vehicle to make things easier for wheelchair users. The best way to find out which ones in your area use the MV-1 is to search online or contact Mobility Ventures directly. More and more cities and transportation services are catching on to the effectiveness and innovation of this vehicle.

To learn more about the MV-1, visit Mobility Ventures.

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