Online Volunteering Opportunities for SMA Patients

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There is plenty of evidence that volunteering can be good for one’s physical, mental, and emotional health. The Corporation for National and Community Service, Habitat for Humanity, and Harvard University have all espoused the benefits of volunteer work. For SMA patients, however, it’s not as easy as cleaning up a local park, shelving books at a local library, or donating blood. Fortunately, there are many virtual, or online, volunteer opportunities. We’ve put together a list of resources to get you started.

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Volunteer matching
There are a variety of volunteer databases that allow you to search for specific cause areas (e.g., children and youth, education and literacy), sort by date, and more. They even compile all the relevant information, including opportunity descriptions, timeframes, and locations. VolunteerMatch and UNV Online Volunteering are specifically geared towards virtual volunteering, but Idealist and DoSomething might also have what you’re looking for. Why not try it out? Let us know what you find in the comments!

Struggling to find the perfect volunteer opportunity? CareerAddict has compiled a great list of databases.

Are you good with people? Do you want to feel like you’re helping someone in need? Helplines might be the volunteer opportunity for you — and the great news is, many of them are online! Crisis Text Line lets you text with someone currently experiencing a crisis, or a moment of “extreme emotional pain.” Suicide Prevention Lifeline provides several services, some via telephone and some via text chat. IMAlive is similar to Suicide Prevention Lifeline, and relies heavily on volunteers like you.

If you struggle with mental health, helplines may not be the volunteer opportunity for you. IMAlive says it best: “[It] is important to make sure you are equipped, healthy, and in a position to give of yourself without hurting yourself in the process.” Take care of yourself!

Interested in volunteering, but not sure if you have the time? Microvolunteering allows you to team up with other volunteers to get the job done. You may even find microvolunteering more fulfilling, as every team member gets to contribute their specific expertise. Check out Sparked for more information.

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