This SMA Patient Wants to Show You How to Travel

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Traveling while disabled is difficult. Transportation, lodging, and even health concerns can turn a relatively easy trip into something resembling a nightmare. There are travel agencies out there that cater specifically to disabled people, but experience is invaluable. You want someone who knows what it’s like to travel with a disability.

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Cory Lee understands.

Diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) type 2 at 2 years old, Lee has been traveling ever since. From Walt Disney World to Israel, he has been all over the globe, and started his travel blog, “Curb Free with Cory Lee,” in December 2013, to share his experiences with other disabled travelers. Lee states that his goal isn’t just to show you how to travel, but where and why.

Lee has visited six out of seven continents — but he doesn’t just spend his time traveling the world. As the leading travel blogger on accessibility, Lee has been featured on the Travel Channel, CBS News, Lonely Planet, and in the Los Angeles Times; he also speaks frequently at travel conferences around the globe. Lee has also published a book, Air Travel for Wheelchair Users.

“Curb Free with Cory Lee” addresses many of the issues disabled travelers face, but Lee aims to entertain his followers through the regular publication of stories about his travels. Lee also publishes inspiring interviews with other wheelchair users, and curates a personal touch to his blog by keeping a link to an updated bucket list in the website’s header. Lee’s life goal is to visit all seven continents, but he also lists “snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef” and “skydiving” among his various to-dos. By keeping up with “Curb Free with Cory Lee,” Lee’s readers get to experience his life alongside him, effectively fulfilling the tagline of his blog: “Sharing the world from a wheelchair user’s perspective.”

To follow along with “Curb Free with Cory Lee,” check out Lee’s blog, or Lee’s social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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