5 Ways to Help Fund SMA and Muscular Dystrophy Charities


Non-profit organizations for spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and muscular dystrophy are reliant on help from people to raise both funds and awareness of the diseases. The money used goes towards research for better treatments, drugs, and understanding of the disease and to assist patients who have unique needs and may require special equipment and support.

Participate in an Event
Organizations such as the Muscular Dystrophy Association and Cure SMA regularly hold fundraising events. These events are fun and participants can either pay to enter or have their friends and family sponsor them to take part.

Events include gala dinners, fun walks, golf days, full and half marathons, and other sporting events. If you don’t like the look of the official events, you could always host your own event with the proceeds going to your favorite MD or SMA charity.

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