After Winter’s Thaw, We Need a Spring Cleaning for the Soul

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Déjà vu

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According to the calendar and the extra hours of sunlight we’ve been getting a feel for, a new season is finally upon us. I love the message this time of year — the very beginning of spring — has always brought to the table. Spring marks the season of rebirth. It’s a chance for us to pause, fill our lungs with the fresh air we’ve been deprived of all winter, and remind ourselves of all the beautiful things that still grow from dirt. How refreshing is that?

With the temperature shifting, I was in the mood to sort through some old possessions of mine and do a little spring cleaning. I imagined how the idea for spring cleaning stemmed from the need to make room for growth at this time of year, which then led me down a trail of thoughts. If we are so quick to tidy up our environment once spring rolls around, shouldn’t we also consider tidying up ourselves in order to allow growth to enter our lives? Shouldn’t we participate in a little spring cleaning for our souls as well?

I began realizing that while my closet was in desperate need of a little revamp, my soul was even more. After all, winters are really soul-crushing around here, in Rhode Island. I feel like I’ve exhausted this topic in my weekly column, so I won’t delve too deep into the subject. But the fact of the matter is simply this: Winters are extremely challenging for my emotional well-being. The frigid temperatures, the shortened days, and the mounds of snow are enough to send anyone into the winter blues. When I consider cold and flu season, being cooped up inside because of these germs, and feeling almost alienated from the outside world at the expense of staying healthy, I basically set myself up for an emotional disaster.

So, just as I cleaned my closet to create more space and wipe off all the dust, I realized I needed to do the same for my soul. After spending the last several months expending all my energy on my physical health, I realized I needed to focus on me — the person living inside this healthy body — and make sure she’s feeling well, too. It was time for me to make space for personal growth now that the dust from the battle I called winter had settled.

Although I’m not quite sure what this kind of spring cleaning entails yet, I do know it means getting reacquainted with the world and filling my soul with things that lift my spirits. Whether it’s getting my wheelchair tires a little muddy and spending quality time with Mother Earth or sitting at the local coffee shop a little longer than I should, I’m going to take this change in season as an opportunity to create a change in me. It’s the very least I can do after trekking through these last few months.


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