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  • Accessibility Isn’t Just a Convenience

    Posted by deann-r on March 25, 2022 at 10:00 am

    Even though we’ve come a long way where accessibility is concerned, this article reminds me how far we have yet to go.

    Like the young woman featured, I’m no stranger to making it work. It’s a necessity living with SMA. There’s a big difference though between making it work and putting your health and safety at risk. Although I don’t think she was in immediate danger, there’s definitely steps the campus can take to do better ensuring the health and safety of their students.

    Why cater to one person? Because you’re not just enhancing the life for that one student. It’s like extending an invitation for all who follow. You’re saying we see you. We believe in you. We want you here. Your health and safety is important to us.

    Accessibility isn’t just a convenience. It can be a critical bridge connecting worlds and ensuring health and safety access.

    What accessibility issues have you dealt with? Have they risked your health or safety?

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