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  • kip-troendle

    August 31, 2021 at 11:25 am

    During one of my yearly assessments, I broke down in tears… and I RARELY cry!  All the personal questions just hit me that particular day.  I seldom think about all the things I’m unable to do.  That’s a depressing avenue none of us like to travel.  Now, I prepare for assessment day as if it’s a war!  Yup, I feel sorry for the individual assigned to my assessment that day.  I give a quick, sharp “YES” or “NO” before the question is completely finished.  Am I being rude?  Yup!  If you want to know if I can cut my own food or wipe my bottom, you aren’t getting the rosy answer!  Fill your answer and get on with it.

    So many times, I wished there was a check box that said… “Check here if everything is the same as last year”!  I guess that would be easy!

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