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  • Dose of DeAnn Episode 4: SMA and Infant Screening

    Posted by sma-news-today-moderator on May 30, 2018 at 6:57 am

    In the latest episode of  Dose of DeAnn: A Glimpse Into My Life With SMA, DeAnn addresses the topic of genetic testing for SMA in infants. This video starts with a new installment of the “Alexa vs. Roy” segment, in which the challenge is to help DeAnn make a phone call. While Roy is able to pick DeAnn’s phone off the ground and bring it to her, her Echo Show allows her to make a voice-activated call.

    During a phone conversation with her mother, DeAnn brings up the subject of newborn screenings, and explains this concept in more detail in the second half of the video. Newborn screenings refers to when a newborn is genetically tested for various diseases. In DeAnn’s home-state of Minnesota, SMA recently became one of the diseases that infants there are tested for. This is especially important now, as newborns who test positive for SMA can start receiving treatments before symptoms even appear.

    Check out the SMA News Today YouTube channel, where you can find all episodes of Dose of DeAnn: A Glimpse Into my Life with SMA. You can also connect with DeAnn directly, right here in the forums.


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