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    Posted by kevin-schaefer on July 20, 2018 at 9:00 am

    One of the most challenging things about transitioning from college to work life for me was just getting used to a wildly different schedule. When I was a student, there was always something going on, I always had people around me and every day was different. Once I started working full-time here at Bionews, it was hard at first just getting through the daily grind. Especially because I’m very extroverted and I love being surrounded by people, working from home wasn’t easy for me to get used to.

    What’s helped me is just sticking to a schedule, and leaving plenty of time for my social life and time to myself outside of work. A typical day of the week starts with my caregiver getting me up and ready in the morning, and then I start working around 10:00 am. I get online, check emails and depending on what I have to do first I’m either on a conference call or here writing forum posts. I work for a couple hours, get lunch, and then return to work until about 5:00. Most nights I eat dinner at home, but I typically go out with friends at least a couple times a week. I go to dinners, movies, Barnes & Noble, bars, etc. Then if I’m at home at night, I write comic scripts, read and watch tv and movies. Then my caregiver is back in the evening. If I have to go to the bathroom, I also take advantage of the time to do the vest while I’m on my bathroom seat. My caregiver will also help me get a snack before I go to bed, and we often watch Netflix together.

    By the end of the day I’m pretty worn out, which is good. Staying active keeps me in a good mental state, and I try to focus on my passions every day (i.e. writing, podcasts, comics, movies, people). I admit that I was worried about post-college life sucking, but really it’s what you make of it.

    What about you all? What does your daily routine look like?

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