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      DeAnn R

      If I didn’t have to pee or eat, I’d be golden. Unfortunately these tasks are a requirement for sustaining life. Therefore I need assistance to accomplish them to stay alive. In my case I count on PCA’s, or personal care attendants, to help with my daily needs. Just when I get comfortable with my group of people inevitably disruption occurs. I dread when this happens because it’s not easy finding replacements.

      My daytime PCA was offered full-time at her other job, so I’m on the hunt for a new one. Needless to say the current health crises isn’t making it easy. Posting at the tech school is out. I think I lost an interview because of my requirement to wear a mask. Don’t even get me started on the limited wages I can offer. Fortunately one of my former caregivers has agreed to fill in for the interim.

      So far I’ve only had 4 inquiries about the position. One didn’t respond back. One is allergic to cats. The other two did set up interviews. However out of those two the first was a no show and the second cancelled because she found another job. Oh the joy. Even when I do find someone I’m not looking forward to training them in. Most people can probably recall how many people have seen them naked. Honestly I have no clue. I could probably compete with top strippers at this point. No two people wipe a butt the same either.

      Somehow, someway, it’ll all come together. It’s just one of those aspects of disability that sucks. Do you have any tips for finding PCA’s?

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