• adnan-hafizovic

    October 30, 2018 at 11:26 am

    I have some experience about online dating.Alot of people use that to find life partner no matter is it Facebook or dating aplication.My experience is that I didn t find my life partner,lol.Most that relationship was something between friendship and love.And why is that,yes,because we are people with disability.I even try to find some girl from other continent,I mean on Africa.And there I had little more success.There I found few normal and nice girls,but their problem is,after month or two,they want to married them.For me that was too fast,and they are usually give up.But in love we need risk,in my case with African girls was problem,to have confidence in them.Because I wanted more time.I must send them money for ticket,and who guarantee they really come to me.That girls who I dating online they were I think honest girls,but maybe it was my fault that I didn t want to risk.

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