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    Celebrating “Inchstones” in SMA

    A mother’s perspective: How our family measures progress since treatment

    You couldn’t picture a happier or more beautiful little boy than the one who came into our lives on January 4, 2019. Little did we know, this bundle of joy we named Slade was just starting a journey that was going to change our family’s life.

    About 2 weeks after Slade was born we started to notice that he appeared to be a bit floppy. Our pediatrician chalked it up to him being a calm baby and told us he’d eventually grow out of it. With my husband being a chiropractor and my background in early childhood development, we knew something was wrong–we could just feel it.

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        Alyssa Silva

        Anyone ever do a digital detox— of any kind— before?

        I just recently took a ten-day hiatus from Instagram for personal reasons. I simply just needed one less distraction to refocus and re-center, and I loved it!

        I find that when I’m fatigued, I resort to scrolling on social media. It requires very little physical exertion and brainpower— the two factors my fatigue robs me of.

        But then scrolling sends my thoughts on a spiral when I see everything everyone else is doing. Meanwhile, I’m stuck on my couch because my disability had other plans for me.

        Giving up Instagram gave me no other choice than to read more and… okay… binge-watch You on Netflix. But it also freed up my time to get more work done! By not feeling the pressures to post on Instagram, I had time to focus on other matters.

        What are your thoughts on digital detoxes? I sometimes wish I could detox from my phone altogether, but unfortunately, my life depends on it. So, instead, I set boundaries.

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        Halsey Blocher

        I’ve never done a full on detox, but definitely think boundaries are important! I always no when I’m spending too much time with my technology. It makes me feel tired, distracted, and just less cheerful. Stepping back and doing some other things for a while makes me feel more focused, more relaxed, more positive, and happier. I love books so that usually my go-to escape from technology. I also enjoy coloring.

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