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      DeAnn R

      With so much going on in the world I welcome distractions. Something to take my mind off of the rising illness numbers in my area. A reason to tear myself away from mindlessly scrolling through social media. Certainly a reason to turn off news coverage. My new kitten is my distraction. Instead of worrying about the outside world, or my own woes (on the PCA hunt again), I’m concerned with making sure her needs are met. Yes, my disability makes it more challenging, but it’s a challenge I’m willing to undertake. Besides as you can see I’ve always liked cats!

      A new pet wasn’t on the agenda. Sure, I’m on the waiting list for a service dog, but that’s different. Then one day I discovered a family of kittens living under my shed. Until I had video proof I’m not sure anyone entirely believed me. Kind of like when I was a kid and Mom didn’t believe the cat was on my bed because it would jump down every time I called her. Once I had proof that my backyard was a kitty playground it was a matter of deciding what to do. I knew leaving them be wasn’t an option. Minnesota winters are brutal, and they would need shelter. After enlisting the help of Mom we live trapped the kittens.

















      Unfortunately the entire process is too long to share with you. Surprisingly though raccoons do live in the neighborhood. Nevertheless, three kittens now have new homes. One of which is mine. Because I couldn’t keep all three I kept the one I felt would warm up to human interaction the quickest. A sweet little girl named Olive because of the olive shaped marking on her head.

      So far she has an incredible hiding place in my office somewhere. Luckily her belled collar indicates when she’s feeling adventurous. I’ve even lured her into my lap with toys & treats. My 13ish year old cat is shockingly somewhat accepting as well. She hasn’t disowned me anyway. Fingers crossed the transition continues to go smoothly.

      What are your distractions? Is there something that redirects your thoughts? I’d love to hear about it because I think we could all use a distraction right about now.

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      The last picture is absolutelly brilliant!

      Your enthusiastic smiled face and her doubtfull but opening position in the background, it is like a metaphor for the whole situation.

      I love it!

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      Alyssa Silva

      That first picture is adorable! I think I’ve been using work as a distraction honestly. Been super busy and have embarked on some new projects to add to my plate, but I really enjoy working so it’s a good thing. 😊

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      DeAnn R

      Losmi, that’s becoming her favorite spot.  I’m surprised how quickly she’s gotten accustomed to my wheelchair.  Almost to a fault as she likes to be under it as well.

      Alyssa, glad you can use work as a distraction.  It’s nice to have projects to keep you busy.

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