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FDA Approves Spinraza (Nusinersen)


This short video from MuscleOwl shares the facts about the FDA’s approval of Spinraza (nusinersen). The approval is great news for the SMA community and gives patients and parents renewed hope for the future.

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The efficacy of Spinraza in a phase 3 clinical trial has taken the world by storm with 40 percent of participants showing major improvement. Infants with the most severe kind of spinal muscular atrophy reported meeting development milestones such as crawling, head control, standing and even walking–milestones that would have been impossible without the drug.

The FDA has approved the drug for babies, children and adults.

SMA patients gets his wish of a roll-in shower room. 

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  1. maureen garcia says:

    Hello – This is wonderful news. My Daughter is 43 and SMA III. She has about 20 % of use in her arms and can’t lift above waist. She is still mobile with a walker. Can’t stand long periods of time. She can’t lift much anymore. Will this drug help her? How can we get in Illinois? Thank you for your help and kindness.

    • Tim Bossie says:

      Hi Maureen… we want to let you know that we hope the very best for you and your daughter. This new treatment is providing a lot of hope for many. However, we would recommend that you talk with your doctor, or medical team, to make sure that it is a good choice for your daughter. They will also know of availability when it does become available.

  2. Peter d Converse says:


    This looks like great news for many. I’d like to know if Nusinersen is considered helpful to Kennedy’s Disease patients. My doctor didn’t seem to believe it has gained approval for K.D.


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