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11 Function and Mobility Aids for Children With SMA


As a child’s spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) progresses, they may need special equipment to help make life easier for them and their caregivers. Function and mobility aids can help with maintaining a patient’s independence, allowing them to participate in everyday activities.

Here are some of the aids that children with SMA may find useful according to Cure SMA.

Car Beds

Car beds allow small children and babies with type 1 SMA to lie down comfortably in the car without needing to be strapped into an infant car seat which may cause breathing difficulties.

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Cough-Assist Machines

Excess mucus in the lungs can lead to infections that are extremely dangerous for children with SMA. A cough-assist machine forces air in and out of the lungs provoking a cough which helps to clear excess mucus off the chest.

Find out how a cough assist machine works

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