8 Tips for Keeping Babies With SMA Comfortable


Laying a baby on a sheepskin blanket will help to keep them warm and are very soft and comfortable, but may be too warm in the summer months. SMA babies can often have hot flushed faces but still have cold hands and feet. A digital thermometer will help you to keep track of your baby’s temperature.

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Loose, thin layers are best so that you can add or take off layers to keep your baby at a comfortable temperature. The fewer buttons, the better and they should be at the front of the garments, not the back. Look for clothes with wide open necks.

Sleeping bags can offer additional warmth when out and about and enough room to easily get in and out of.

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Work with your healthcare team to come up with a series of movement exercises that will help keep your baby from getting too stiff. These can be fun for both you and the child.

Place toys in a position where they will need to move to reach them. Older babies can be laid on their sides so they can bring their hands together easily to take toys from you.

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