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Here at SMA News Today, we try to bring all the latest research and treatment news to our readers, but we also try to highlight what life is like for those who live with the disease. Among our great team of writers is a team of columnists who share their personal experiences with the world.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their contributions and valuable insight, which often offers a different perspective on the disease.

brianna albers

Brianna Albers
Diagnosed with SMA type II at nine months old, Brianna writes about life and everyday struggles with the condition in her column The Wolf Finally Frees Itself. She doesn’t shy away from difficult subjects such as death, rejection, and illness-related embarrassment, but also touches on some lighter-hearted topics such as gaming with a disability and finally getting her hair dyed in a professional salon. Brianna recently won a writing residency for Amtrak and is currently traveling the country while writing her book.

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Kevin Embracing my inner alien

Kevin Schaefer
Twenty-three-year-old college graduate Kevin Schaefer was diagnosed with SMA type 2 at 18 months old. After losing mobility in his arms, he was fitted with a robotic arm in 2015. In his column, Embracing My Inner Alien, Kevin writes about traveling with SMA, how people with disabilities are portrayed in comic books and his recent broken leg.

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Michael Casten
Michael is the newest member of the SMA News Today team. He’s a father to three children: Ten-year-old Ava, eight-year-old Henry, and six-year-old Ella, who has SMA type 2. In his column Five Servings of Strength, Michael will be sharing his family’s journey with SMA, including charting Ella’s progress, as she’s just recently received her first injection of the much talked-about SMA treatment, Spinraza.

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