Five Servings of Strength- a column by Michael Casten

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Michael is married and a father of three, one being a child with SMA Type II (born in June, 2011). He is an educator who has worked directly with children and their families since 1994. He loves his family, writing, working with his hands, and taking road trips. Michael holds a bachelor’s in psychology (1994) and a master’s in education (2001).

Ready for the Rain: Quick Action Saves the Day

Just overhead, an ominous, black cloud lingers despite a gentle breeze. The sun shines brightly behind some errant white clouds and blue skies peek out between. Slow, rolling movements make us wait to see which weather will prevail. In the distance, a rainbow forms, arching across…

Hurry Up and Stop: The Endless Counting of Batteries

The battery level on Ella’s power wheelchair Flashing lights, beeping sounds, and a host of power in her little grip. The Permobile C300 is Ella’s power wheelchair. A 304-pound purple machine that provides her with mobility. The C300 has indicators that allow its drivers to know how…